Hi David, Come to Nashville! Blessings! Gary
My wife and I were regulars at Gallagher's in Corpus Christi. We became friends with you and Becky. You will remember me because I was manager of a helicopter company across the bay. Yes, I did give you two a helicopter ride over the bay. Where are you and Becky now and can my wife and I see you guys sometime?
David, I was so glad to have met you and hear your songs at this years FARM. Beautiful songs indeed. Lets stay in touch. - scott
David, It was amazing watching you perform at FARM. You had the whole room of 150 singing with you and at The Coffee House in Milwaukee it was such a wonderful show. Looking forward to your next performance.
Love the new website! Wishing you all the best, my friend! Valarie
Congratulations on the new CD David! You always produce such beautiful music and I'm happy to see The Children of the Forest on your new CD as it's one of my favorite songs. :)
We were at the Folk Festival in Iowa City this year and received your cd. We're extremely pleased with it! Thank you for the Blessing of your beautiful songs and voice!!
This is really unbelievable! I have an album (yes, vinyl) from when you and Becky Stevens used to play at Gallaghers in Corpus Christi, TX...a lifetime ago. I loved your music and still have that album (converted to mp3). I always wanted more of the music the two of you did. I found you on Spotify and knew it was you as soon as I heard your voice. Blessing to you and your music!

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